Honor an animal close to your heart with a commissioned portrait.

Memorialize your beloved pet, honor your own wild animal spirit guide, or give a one-of-a-kind gift to the animal lover in your life.

Ripley 12x16”

Ripley 12x16”

My dog Gracie meant the world to me and, after she was gone, I wanted some special way to remember her.
I thought of Julia, knowing what a wonderful artist she is. Julia is very kind, patiently understanding of animal lovers, and a pleasure to work with, so it came as no surprise to be thrilled with the finished result. What I clearly remember, however, was sighing when I saw it: there was the Gracie I knew and loved. Julia had captured her spirit and magic perfectly. -Frances Harte, Putney, Vermont


Here are some common sizes and prices. Please contact me to discuss your options!

9" x 12" ($385) • 11" x 14" ($450) • 12" x 16" ($525) • 16" x 20"($625)

Commissioned portraits are created on Centurion linen panels.
Your final piece will also be varnished for a richly-colored, glossy, protective finish.

Each commission is unique! Let's talk it over.

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Production times will vary based on size and complexity and may take several weeks to complete and dry sufficiently for shipping.