Into the Light

"Into the Light" 24"x30" oil on canvas

Many of us have had a really hard time this past year trying to cope with the barrage of daily news cycle bombshells, and the hits just seem to keep coming. If you're anything like me, (empaths and introverts, I mean you) you have a strong self-preservation instinct to put up a protective barrier and shut out as much of the clatter as you can manage, while still somehow trying to stay informed and connected to your deeper purpose. By all means, boycott Facebook if you need to save your sanity. But the real challenge can be learning when to retreat for your own well-being's sake, and when it's not in your best interest to become totally reclusive. 

My bobcat painting became a perfect metaphor for this retreat/expose struggle. Bobcat is a naturally solitary creature, and highly independent from a young age. Their combined super-senses of hearing, eyesight, and sensitive whiskers make them extremely proficient nighttime hunters, and these same senses associate Bobcat with psychic or clairvoyant abilities in the mythological sphere. The medicine of Bobcat teaches how to be reclusive, and at the same time using those deeply-felt senses to 'see in the dark'. My bobcat is half cloaked in shadow, where he is most comfortable, but with keen and alert senses in check, not afraid to come out into the Light.