The greatest gift animals can offer us is a grounding connection to the earth and at the same time, a direct link to spirit. Indigenous cultures all over the world and throughout history have long held the animal kingdom in the highest regard, creating stories and myths to help translate their powerful gifts. These messages, born from each animal’s unique strengths and abilities, can help us navigate our own inner landscapes, remind us of our own strengths, creativity and power. 

I create from a place in between the spiritual and physical realms—the space animals occupy. We as a society need to relearn the lessons animals teach us, not only from a spiritual perspective, but from their way of being and interbeing with the land they occupy. I believe we need meaningful connection to both the physical and spiritual spheres in order to heal and nurture ourselves and each other, and to take action in the face of the global challenges we all face together. My mission as an artist is to bring awareness to and reverence for the natural world, how we can best support its wellbeing and acknowledge the unfathomable healing and wisdom it holds, so that we can put an end to its diminishment and destruction.

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